Opening exhibition 'Free Jazz' in the Dordtse Jazz Societeit with BOO ART ENSEMBLE.
Exhibition will last till July 2023

Small exhibition in metamorfose and part of the opening of the new 'Nederlandse Jazzetalage'. Valeriusstraat 238-a Amsterdam. Till end of may.....

Window shop exhibition in the coffee roaster store 'De Kale Jonker' , Zijlstraat 43 , Haarlem. Till march/april...

Exhibition from december till march 2021. Due to the coronavirus there is a possibility to lodge my work with you. Check:  

Poster made for the exhibition 'Who's your Angel?' in Art Gallery Tha Banque, Bergen from Oktober 9th till November 29th
Advertising in de Kunst - & Museumkrant featuring the 'BIG BAND' artwork 
Presenting new work ( RISO ) during the Kunst10Daagse, Bergen from October 9th till 18th
August/September working on a, for me, new printing method RISO!
19/20/21 june exhibition KUNST WEEKEND OLDSKOEL Burgerbrug
April/May, presenting two new art works in the Amsterdam bookstore Metamorfose.


 April 11, 12 & 13th cancelled due to coronavirus

Januari till March Expo Enlightened Beasts


october-exhibition in Tha Banque Bergen during the famous Dutch art event kunst10daagse ( visited yearly by 40.000 art lovers ) from  october 18th till 27nd. Exhibition will last till december.
september-exhibition in Cafe de Engelbewaarder,Amsterdam

july-exhibition in Tha Banque, Bergen

may-exhibition in Metamorfose, Amsterdam


november-Bob Meijer bought two artworks for the permanent collection of his museum.

november-opening 'JAZZETALAGE'

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