Small exhibition in metamorfose and part of the opening of the new 'Nederlandse Jazzetalage'. Valeriusstraat 238-a Amsterdam. Till end of may.....

Window shop exhibition in the coffee roaster store 'De Kale Jonker' , Zijlstraat 43 , Haarlem. Till march/april...

Exhibition from december till march 2021. Due to the coronavirus there is a possibility to lodge my work with you. Check:  

Poster made for the exhibition 'Who's your Angel?' in Art Gallery Tha Banque, Bergen from Oktober 9th till November 29th
Advertising in de Kunst - & Museumkrant featuring the 'BIG BAND' artwork 
Presenting new work ( RISO ) during the Kunst10Daagse, Bergen from October 9th till 18th
August/September working on a, for me, new printing method RISO!
19/20/21 june exhibition KUNST WEEKEND OLDSKOEL Burgerbrug
April/May, presenting two new art works in the Amsterdam bookstore Metamorfose.


 April 11, 12 & 13th cancelled due to coronavirus

Januari till March Expo Enlightened Beasts


october-exhibition in Tha Banque Bergen during the famous Dutch art event kunst10daagse ( visited yearly by 40.000 art lovers ) from  october 18th till 27nd. Exhibition will last till december.
september-exhibition in Cafe de Engelbewaarder,Amsterdam

july-exhibition in Tha Banque, Bergen

may-exhibition in Metamorfose, Amsterdam


november-Bob Meijer bought two artworks for the permanent collection of his museum.

november-opening 'JAZZETALAGE'

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